Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Weekend, Update on the Leg

I really made a conscious effort to get some relax time in this weekend, since we always seem to be so busy. Saturday we managed to be very lazy all day. We had lots of playtime and Evan's Aunt Joyce and her 4 year old grandson Landon came over. Landon was great about showing Marino how to use his toys:) Other than that, we just stayed at home and relaxed.

Sunday, we met up with our preemie moms and babies for some fall fun. We met at Homestead Gardens in Anne Arundel County for their Fall Festival (you know how I feel about fall festivals). The one thing I didn't like about this fall festival was it was free to get in, but then everything you did required "tickets" that cost money. I mean, even taking picutres in front of cardboard cut outs. Crazy. I'd rather pay a fee to get in than have to worry about buying tickets for everything inside. Anyway, it was definately nice to visit with everyone and see the sun after a ton of rain.

L to R: Marino, Simon, Evan and Cameron

Marino checking out the scene...happy boy!

Happy with his hay and his "papples"

Best friends

Simon and Megan

Brendan decided he liked the pumpkins, after all!

The boys were all really into this little fountain.

Evan and Cameron listening to the live bluegrass band.

Brendan and Simon enjoying the music.

Cameron and Evan

This is how he fell asleep on the way home, with his hand behind his head!

On Sunday, we also got a chance to visit with my grandfather. Here's Marino and his great grandpap.
Joanne, Pacey, Pap and Marino

What can I say about Marino's leg? Over the weekend, he had a couple instances of refusing to bear weight on it each day, so I was feeling like things were improving. There were some other times, though, that he would freak if I tried to put him down, so I'm not sure if that was because his leg hurt or because, you know, he loves me so much;) But today, daycare told me he refused to walk for over an hour and a half. Even on the playground, so you know that is serious! I spoke to our doctor and she asked me to try to get a video so everyone can stop acting like I am insane and see what I'm talking about. I'm sending our camera to daycare tomorrow so they can hopefully capture it on tape!

In unrelated news, Marino started saying "dance" today. And he is totally in love with catfish (consumming it, that is). He generally dislikes meat, so this is a big step. He ate a whole catfish filet himself tonight!

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