Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back Home and Halloween Pics

As expected, we were released from the hospital today. We still have to do the breathing treatments every 4 hours (even over night) and he's taking oral steroids and antibiotics. We're also not supposed to go anywhere until we see our regular doctor on Monday...our discharge instructions were "just chill." We were very relieved to be going home! Here's a few pictures I took in the hospital.
As you can see, hospital cribs are sort of like baby jail.

This is what happens when your bored toddler gets a hold of a box of Cheerios...there are even some in his hair. He looks happy, though, that is key!

Watching "Sponge Bob" and drinking a bottle in his crib/prison.
As instructed, we're just "chilling" at home until we get the all clear from our doctor. Marino seems to be doing well. He definately still has an awful cough and runny nose. Its also clear he is still struggling to breathe...watching him eat or drink a bottle is sort of painful to watch. The nights are the most difficult for him, so we need to keep a good eye on him the next couple nights. Since we couldn't go trick or treating, I put him in his costume and took him outside with the festive looking leaves (note: it was 65 degrees outside and humid). He was pretty happy to be outside! The rest of the day we just played, watched the Halloween episodes of the Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba (don't judge on the tv watching, please, you try keeping a toddler in the house for at least 4 days...whatever it takes to keep him happy!). My sister-in-laws Richelle and Rianne came over to keep us company and help with trick or treaters (he liked seeing most of them, with the exception of one scary vampire).

Here's a video of Marino doing his lion impression...for some reason he whispers the "roar"...not so intimidating...


  1. I'm glad they let you come home....he is so adorable in his costume!

  2. What a cute little lion you have! I'm so sorry to catch up on everything that you've been dealing with, but so happy he's back at home and seems to be doing better!