Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reston Zoo with Our Buddies

Monday, Marino's daycare was closed so I took off to spend the day with him. In the afternoon, we went to the Reston Zoo with our buddies Jen, Sydney and Noah. It was a nice day (although it was 90 degrees) and we were excited to be there but 2 minutes into our visit, tragedy struck. A bee was harrassing Marino and landed behind his ear. When he went to swat it away, it stung him. It was a very traumatic experience. He screamed at the top of his lungs for 30 minutes. Strangers were trying to help me...he just kept clutching his ears and screaming and crying. Jen offered him a lollipop and a popsicle and he refused both (at that point I thought we might need to go to the hospital). Jen also went and got a sting pad to wipe on his ear (which seemed to help).

Eventually, he calmed down and ate the messiest popsicle on the face of the earth. 30 minutes into our zoo trip, half my hair was matted with snot and popsicle. Thankfully, the rest of our visit was really fun, although Marino was terrified everytime he saw a fly. He thought every fly was a bee and he would grab his ears and scream "NO WAY!" everytime he saw one. Sydney was attempting to stomp on all the flies for him - adorable!!

Marino and Sydney were very cute together. They held hands, kissed, hugged, etc. I love them together. Marino also gave Jen and big smooch on the lips before we left.

The kids loved these rides...they were very slow and perfect for toddlers!

Feeding a baby goat
Hungry goats
They have a tractor ride around the grounds where the animals come right up and let you pet/feed them. Marino loved it!

Marino putting the moves on Sydney
Syd, Jen and Noah - we were on the last ride of the day and we were packed like sardines!!

Checking out a white peacock
Noah loved the ducks

Marino kept saying "Hi, the cow!"
He also said "LOOK AT THAT!" about 12000 times!
Looking at the cuddly lemurs. Marino loves Madagascar so I told him King Julien was in there.

Feeding the ducks

Great day! I definately recommend you check it out if you haven't been before (the zoo is open March - November)

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