Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Today You Are 5

Fun, Brave, Silly, Chatty, Loving - Marino at age 5

Dear Marino: 
Today you are 5. Where does the time go? You're no longer a toddler; 5 year olds are "big kids." You make Daddy and I so proud as we watch you grow. You love to make everyone laugh - who knows where you come up with half the things you say??!

You love sports, and are always asking Daddy to practice baseball, football, soccer and basketball. You are the fastest 5 year old I know...I can't wait until you can run track and races with Mommy. Superheroes are your favorite thing. Other loves:  swimming, cars and bikes, Transformers, board games (we play CandyLand and Go Fish almost every day), music (your current favorite songs are "Die Young" by Ke$ha and "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore), dancing, bowling, tv and movies, science, and animals.  The other day, Max had a seizure and you asked me if you could help "protect him."  You were beyond thrilled with the seals at the zoo last weekend.  Daddy just got you a fish which you named Spiky and you insist on saying goodnight and good morning to her every day.

You're still a star eater - your favorite foods right now are hamburgers, "spaghetti soup" (pho) and chocolate ice cream. You eat tons of fruit - generally 3-5 apples every day (and any other fruit you have access to). You also love M&Ms, popsicles, and italian ice. When we go out to eat, you order for yourself. You're also very good at explaining your food allergies to new people.

Your personality is still the same as its been for years, but you've really opened up a lot with people. You freely give hugs and high fives to more hiding behind Mommy. Your social skills are remarkable - you will go up to strangers and ask their name, introduce yourself, and ask them to play. We get lots of comments about how assertive you are and that you possess leadership qualities. You are still super stubborn and love to debate, but primarily just with Mommy and Daddy.

You have tons of friends - mostly boys with similar energy levels. Its rare for you to cry and throw a fit... you are very adaptable. You love travelling and are always enthusiastic about our adventures. Daddy and I have been amazed at how seamlessly you adjusted to 2 new camps this just walked in and got started hesitation. You are a born leader.

You are still very snuggly with Mommy, and always ask for Mommy's hair when you are tired. We read every night before bed, and you always pick a different book from your collection for us to read you.

You've started asking tough questions like, "What will happen if you and Daddy both die?" "What will happen if Max dies?" and "Why do I have to be allergic to eggs?" I wish I had all the time in the world to figure out the right way to answer these questions for you.

Marino, its been such a joy to watch you grow from a tiny preemie to the boy you are today. You are the love of my life and I am so thankful for each day with you. Happy birthday! We love you!

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  1. Happy birthday, Marino! Hope you have a fantastic day!! :)