Friday, March 29, 2013

Disney Cruise - Day 4 (Day at Sea)

The last day of our cruise was the only full day at sea (thank you, Bonine, for allowing me to enjoy this day). We got up and out to breakfast early, so we could make it to the Disney Junior Dance Party held in one of the teen lounges. The kids had a great time with this (dance and be crazy? don't mind if I do!) and especially when Pluto showed up to dance with the kids!

Marino, being the ham that he is, requested to sing a song on the microphone after the dance party. He sang the theme song to Super Hero Squad. 

After the dance party, Marino and I grabbed some kettle corn and headed to the theater to see Wreck It Ralph. We love movies, so having a theater playing new Disney movies was a big perk for us. Marino loved it, of course!

After the fun dance party and the movie, we headed up to enjoy the pools and (Ray, Evan and I) ride the Aquaduck. The ship has a water coaster the goes around the entire upper deck of the ship. It was really fun (I don't know why we didn't ride it earlier).  Marino wasn't big enough to ride it, but he had fun on the Mickey slide (which you can see in the right hand corner below), which is just for kids. 

Enjoying peace on the adults-only deck!

I wanted to take a few group pictures while we had the chance, so here we are before dinner. It was a gorgeous day. 

Daddy and Marino are dancing to Frank Sinatra in the atrium here. 

When you tell the Disney chefs they can choose your food, you end up with an appetizer like this. Escargot. I refused to eat it, because, seriously? I might be allergic to snails and not even know it. My stepfather was happy to eat them for me. I love them for being innovative with gluten-free dining. 

Here I am with Ashley, my hairdresser! Not only was she on the cruise, her cabin was just a few doors down from ours! 

Fun Disney details were everywhere on the ship! 
After dinner, Marino wanted to go to the Kid's Club one last time. My mom, Ray, Evan and I headed up to the adults-only deck for a drink. This deck was paradise...quiet, swim up bar, calypso band - heaven! 

Marino had a great time in the Kid's Club that night - they had a carnival! We picked him up and he looked like this...courtesy of a clown that came to entertain the kids!

Additional point of interest - we were on the ship in mid-February and the beginning of lent (and Ash Wednesday). Although the cruise doesn't normally have religious services, since this is an important part of the Catholic faith, they had a priest sail with the ship and mass was held every day. My mom and stepfather are faithful Catholics, and this was really special for them (my stepfather ended up doing some of the readings at mass).

Thursday morning we got up early to eat breakfast and then disembarked (super easy). Then we got on the shuttle headed for....Disney World!

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