Friday, November 27, 2009

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:
5. On Sunday, Evan, Marino, Max and I were all laying in bed. Marino started winking at Max! I'm not sure if he thought Max was winking at him, or what possessed him to do it, but it was very adorable.

4. Marino asked me Wednesday night to tell him what the moon is called (ie: he pointed at it and said "this?"). I told him it is the moon and he repeated "mooooooooooooooon." As we walked away, he started waving and saying "bye bye" to the moon:)

3. He learned "football" this week and he gets very excited about it. He recognizes a football and the game (basketball has its own name) but he also thinks any large crowd of people = football. He was very confused watching the Macy's parade with me yesterday...he thought the parade was a football game because of all the people:)
2. He refused to take a morning nap this morning, and he fell asleep while eating his lunch! He napped like this for an hour!

1. Miranda and Pacey came over to play today. Marino and Pacey play so well together and I just love it! They love to kiss, hug, wrestle on the floor, pretend to go "night night," share snacks, etc. So fun to see them together...they are really two peas in a pod! Marino also adores Miranda. He kept coming and putting his head in her lap and tackling her when she was on the floor. He was very sad when they left:(

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