Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Preemie Get Together - Day 1

Preemie Power!! This weekend we got together with a group of our parents of preemies friends and (former) preemie toddlers. We had a great time and although most of us are through the toughest of times, we have a unique shared history and I really love these girls (and their kids).

Friday afternoon, we headed up to Baltimore to Port Discovery. Traffic was awful so we didn't get there until very late, but we had fun with the time we had. It was all boys at Port Discovery: Karen and Stu's son, Brandon, Drew and Laura's sons: Cameron and Evan, and Marino, of course.

Here's Marino, clearly enjoying himself...
If you looked inside of this box, there were mice inside, partying.
Brandon, enjoying a slide
Marino, enjoying the slide in a unique manner:)
There was a Bob the Builder exhibit at Port Discovery and all the boys were obsessed with this box that had buttons that lit up and "talked"...someone remarked if we all had one at home, we'd all have clean homes! Here's Cameron and Evan checking it out.

I love Brandon's smile!
All the boys in one spot!
Brandon can't believe this mess!
Cooking in the diner...

Daddy and Marino sharing a moment

Leave it to toddlers to go to a children's museum and spend half the time playing with legos;)_

On our way out, a band was setting up, so Marino was listening to the drummer practice.
After Port Discovery, we walked over to the harbor and had dinner at PF Chang's (which I love because they have a gluten-free menu, but FYI, not many egg-free options there).
Our friend's the Compton's: Martha, Robbie, Campbell and new addition Maggie came from South Carolina and met us for dinner, as did new friends Jen, Tim and their daughter Annabelle.

Here's Annabelle - how cute is she?!
Annabelle and Campbell
Campbell posing for me
Baby Maggie (born full term). Marino was not happy about me holding her...he was at the end of the table crying.
Happy Brandon

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