Friday, August 6, 2010

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Bedtime has become a total nightmare here (that is not something I am loving!) lately. The other night, after spending an hour trying to get a very tired Marino to sleep and being repeated hit and kicked, I put him in his crib to see what he would do. He cried for about 3 minutes. Then he said "Mommy?" 30 times. Then he said "No night night" 30 times. Then he said "I want Mommy" 30 times. Then he said, calm as can be, "Mino crying" 30 times. I had to laugh at the last one (and go get him).

4. Another bedtime struggle story...the other night I was trying to get Marino to sleep but he refused. Eventually I let him down and just pretended to sleep (this usually results in him prying my eyelids open and saying "Mommy, wake up!"). He went and got this dinosaur (no surprise, right...he LOVES Toy Story!), opened it's mouth and put it's mouth around my neck. Good thing I wasn't really asleep!

3. We have a new favorite book in our house, "Slinky Malinki, Open the Door" by Lynley Dodd. It's a really cute book, and has a repetition element to it, which Marino likes to "read" along with me. When he sees the book, he shouts "Slinky Linki!!"

2. Wednesday morning in the car, Marino said "Mommy is Sawa (Sara). Sawa, watch Monsters?"
1. Marino is obsessed with popsicles. No matter what time of day it is, if I ask what he wants to eat, he always says "popsicle" (I guess he is being honest, right)? And one popsicle is not enough. As soon as he finishes one, he will announce "Ok, Mino need orange popsicle" (or some color other than the one he just ate)...I guess he thinks he needs to eat one of each flavor each time. Luckily, he still enjoys eating lots of healthy things, so we can indulge him in the occasional popsicle.

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