Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to Normal Life...

I'm feeling very thankful to be feeling well and getting back to our normal life. It's amazing the things in life we take for granted (like being healthy).

On Saturday, Marino and I went to North Beach to get together with some new and old friends. We had a great time and thankfully it was under 90 degrees! Marino enjoyed standing in the water up to his knees, but had no interest in going any further in the water unless I was holding him.

I'm starting to think that Marino may be introverted in the same way I am. I have lots of friends who I love spending time with, but I always need plenty of quiet/me time in a day or else I feel totally drained. Marino seems to be the same way. We were having lots of fun at the beach but after a couple hours, he announced "Go home now. Bye bye everybody!" It's interesting to see his personality develop and him express his desires/needs more. There's definitely a delicate balance, I feel, between being respectful of his wishes and setting boundaries and rules. I imagine that next year at this time, this will be less of a struggle, as we understand and know each other better.

Friends at North Beach: Nicholas, Sydney, Natalie, Emily, Morgan and Lily (Marino was not compliant for this picture taking)

Morgan is too cute!
Trying on Nicholas' sunglasses
Hanging out at North Beach
Sunday, Marino and I went over to visit my Aunt Kerry, who had 2 surgeries last week, poor thing. Kerry's best friend, Marietta, was visiting from California and it was great to see her for the first time in several years and finally meet her son, Christopher, who is 10 years old. Christopher is great: sweet, great with kids and animals and very bright. He's an only child and I asked him how he felt about being an only child and he told me he loves it.

Here's Marino giving Aunt Kerry a big hug
Snuggling with Marietta
Bonding with Christopher, who Marino thought was very cool. He kept saying "He's boy!"
He kept mimicking whatever Christopher was doing
Big hug for Marietta (isn't she gorgeous?)

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