Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Visiting with Friends and Family

On Saturday, we got a chance to visit with our friends, Jess and Olando, who we hadn't seen in 2 years. Now, these friends only live an hour away, but we both have 2 year olds and some how having 2 year olds and visiting hadn't ended up happening until now. They also have a 3 month old baby, Emelia.
How cute is she?!
Marino got a hold of Jess' phone and decided to "take a picture"
Olivia was really enjoying Marino's drum set. She and baby sis Emelia look just alike!

Gorgeous girls!
My friend Gina also came by with her kids and then my dad and stepmother came down from New York to visit us (or Marino anyway). Busy day but we had a great time!
Sunday, my dad and Barb came over again and my cousin Miranda also came over with her daughter, Pacey. Marino and Pacey had a great time playing and dancing.

Marino and Pacey are normally no good for picture taking, but for some reason, out of no where, this day the decided to ham it up for the camera, so I took advantage and took a bunch of pictures of them being silly! It just so happened them were both wearing Zingo Tots initial tees, too!

Marino with his Pap Pap and Grammy Barb

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