Monday, January 9, 2012

More Christmas 2011

After opening gifts and having a yummy breakfast with my dad and stepmother, we headed up to Saratoga (about 2.5 hours away) to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Gordon's farm. It was great to see my extended family and Marino really enjoyed getting to climb on a real tractor.

Evan and I on Christmas day (with Marino giving us a dirty look in the background)
Aunt Carol and Mom skyping with my brother in Dallas. Isn't technology great?
My cousin Clare snuggling with my aunt Carol and Chloe.
More snuggle time with Clare's aunt Rashni.
Uncle Gordon patiently teaching Marino all about the tractor.

Of course, after all that explantation, his two questions were "How do I make the tractor move?" and "Can we get the tractor to pick up that car?"

Looking forward to visiting the farm in warmer months soon!

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