Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

I have tons of adventures to post about, since Marino and I spent a full week in New York with family and friends (Evan was with us the first 4 days). Christmas this year was really special, as it was the first year Marino "got it" and was anticipating Christmas and Santa's arrival. He truly delighted in every part of the season - every house decorated with lights, every Christmas tree, every gift. It was a joy.

Our trip started off with a bang - quite literally! 15 miles from home, in holiday traffic, the car in front of us hit a stopped car going 65+ mph, and then swerved into our lane...we coasted parallel with the careening car until we both came to a stop just inches from the guardrail and each other. To say we were lucky is an understatement. All the cars involved in the accident were totaled. A dog was thrown from the stopped car and was injured. It was very scary but after doing what we could to help and giving a statement to the state troopers, we continued on with our trip. Let's just say that experience did not make the next 5 hours of driving any more enjoyable!

Our first stop on Friday was at my stepsister Jennifer's house. She, her husband Hagen and their daughter Bae-Corine hosted a great dinner for us. Marino and Bae-Corine had an amazing time, as always. Those 2 really love each other and its so fun to watch them together.

I mean, how adorable are these two?

After our fun dinner, we headed to my mom's house for a good night's sleep. Saturday morning, I had my first success at getting Marino to poop in the potty (FINALLY! We've been at this for 6 months!).

Late Saturday morning, we headed over to my dad's house (about 45 minutes away). Marino was ecstatic to finally get to watch the Polar Express with my dad. He LOVED the movie. While he was engrossed with the North Pole, Bernadette and Sabrina came over to visit. Sabrina is turning 16 this month, I can't believe it! I mean, she looks 25, but if she's 16, that makes me officially old!! I remember the night she was born...the snow storm...ahhh! How was that 16 years ago?!

Christmas Eve, Evan and I did some last minute shopping while my dad and Barb watched Marino. He is in love with these musical penguins they he is dancing to the penguin music.

They also baked cookies for Santa, which Marino was quite proud of.

So, of course that night we left out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
Christmas morning we woke up (Evan woke us up; he was so excited) and asked Marino if Santa came while we were sleeping. "No, he didn't" he said "I didn't hear him." We decided to go check and Marino couldn't believe that Santa had come and brought his beloved space station he had been asking for.

Special spy plane Santa brought for Marino for pooping on the potty the day before...

Reading The Polar Express with PapPap
Snuggle time with Gramma and Grampa Ray
More posts about our trip coming soon!!

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  1. My family and I always leave out nuts for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. (And milk and cookies for Santa, of course!)!