Friday, October 26, 2012

Breakfast and Big

A couple weeks ago, Jen and I took the kids to see Big the Musical at Adventure Theatre. The show was an abbreviated version of the movie Big with Tom Hanks (which I've seen about a zillion times). The show was a bit over Marino's head, I thought, but a couple days after he started saying things like "Mommy, I'm growing up so fast. You don't like that." I think once he had time to process it, he understood the big picture of the show.

Before the show, we met for breakfast at the Original Pancake House.
 I love their chocolate chip gluten-free pancakes!!

Here I am reading a Spiderman book to the boys. They both LOVE superheroes!
Marino ALWAYS looks away from the camera when I ask him to smile. Drives me nuts!!
After breakfast we had a little time to play at the Glen Echo playground before the show.

How adorable is this? These two becoming so big...and adorable. Can't you just see them taking this same picture at 16?
Sydney found the biggest leaf ever!
Noah and Marino share a love of superheroes.
...and climbing...

We always have a great time with our buddies!

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