Monday, October 29, 2012

Fenton Street Market

(skipping around a bit in terms of chronology)
 On Saturday we headed over to Fenton Street Market for storytime and trick or treating. 
I love doing story time, and this one was especially fun, because I love Halloween and the kids were very enthusiastic about the stories. 
Our buddies Uli and Aaron, ready for storytime
Telling spooky tales

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My friend Erin and her youngest, Chase. 
All the vendors had candy for the kids - most seemed to get a kick out of seeing the kids in their costumes
Emilia, Marino and Grayson
Emilia and her sweet mom, Yvette, crafting. I had reflective Halloween necklaces for the kids to make.
We got very lucky - it was a beautiful day (high 60s, sunny). Literally, the calm before the storm...we may not have Halloween here in Maryland, depending on how hard Hurricane Sandy hits us (its not looking good). So at least we got a chance to use Marino's costume and go trick or treating.


  1. Did you lose power during Hurricane Sandy?

  2. amazingly, no, but everything closed in anticipation. We got hit much harder with the derecho in June of 2012.

    1. You are SO lucky. I lost power during Hurricane Sandy but only from the morning the hurricane hit our area (October 29) until around 6 PM on Halloween. Most of our family members and friends and most people I know lost power too and were without it much longer. Everything in our area was closed for quite a while, too, and didn't open again till November 9. I just hope you and your family were safe during the hurricane. By the way, what's a derecho?