Friday, September 23, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Last week we were discussing the rain and I was saying how I don't like rain. Marino said "I become a superhero and I make the rain go away."

4. We're knee deep in potty training and on our road trip last weekend, Marino needed to pee while we were on 95. Evan pulled over in the grass on the side of the highway and showed him how to pee in the grass. He loved that! 15 minutes later he said "Daddy, put the car in the grass. I need to pee pee again" (to his credit, he really did go).

3. On the way to preschool one morning this week, Marino said "Mommy, I miss my old friends so much." I'm trying to set up a playdate with friends from his old daycare now!

2. I know a lot of people thing kids watching tv is awful. But Marino loves Diego and he really learns a lot about animals from the show. Yesterday morning we drove past a statue of a hawk. Marino said "Mommy, that is a giant bird statue. I think he soars in the sky like a macaw."

1. On the way to school, he was looking at this paper with games (mazes, etc) on it from his goody bag from birthday party we went to a Chuck E Cheese's. He said “Mommy, I read this to you. Once upon a time, there was Chuck E Cheese’s and he had monies [there was a picture of coins on the paper]. The end.”

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