Friday, September 30, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. I've mentioned before that whenever Marino is tired, he says he's not. Of course, if he wasn't tired, why would he be thinking about it? The other morning he yawned, stretched his arms and said "I'm soooo not tired!" I'm thinking that means he was VERY tired!

4. After an evening playdate on Wednesday, Marino was tired. He laid down on the couch and said "I don't want to take a bath. I just want to hang out."

3. The interest in gifts and Santa has begun. I generally try to avoid taking Marino to stores with me, and this has prevented him from the knowledge that he can request things and/or things other than what's in his house and other people's houses exist. We went to the store the other day for a quick trip and he fell in love with this Buzz Lightyear pillow. I told him to put it back and the tears started, so I said "We'll put it on your Christmas list and ask Santa for it." Oh boy, did that get him excited! "Is Santa coming? Is it Christmas time? Is it snowing? Will you tell Santa to bring that? Can I tell him?"

2. In the past month, I sold lots of Marino's stuff at consignment sales. I bought him a pair of rainboots this week with some of the money I made. Marino LOVES these boots. He wants to wear them all the time. Yesterday morning he said "I want to wear my rainboots." I said "It's sunny, you don't need rainboots today." He was quiet for a minute and then said "I want to wear my sunboots."

1. Marino is doing well with potty training, but I still put him in a diaper or pull-up when he's sleeping or if I think we won't be able to get to a bathroom instantly (like in morning traffic). On Monday morning, Marino told me "I'm going to go pee pee in my pull-up." I said "No, Marino, wait 5 minutes until we get to school." "Oh, Mommy," he said, "you're so predictable."

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