Monday, September 26, 2011

Roller Skating

On Saturday, Evan, Marino and I met up with Jen, Matt, Justin, Sydney and Noah to go roller skating. We watched a Team UmiZumi episode about skates this week, so Marino was really excited to go roller skating. That is until he noticed the big kids and adults wearing lace up skates. Oh my, the tantrums he had over not being able to wear the big skates (they don't make them in his size). He was taking off his skates and shoes and sitting down in protest. Sometimes the hardest thing about being a toddler mom is the sheer ridiculous nature of the complaints. ::sigh:: He was also annoyed because he wanted to skate faster.

Anyway, Evan and I enjoyed skating and the rink also had a big indoor jungle gym that all the kids loved. Marino also enjoyed when they turned the lights off in the rink.
Here's Noah, looking tough with a black eye!
My little buddy Sydney. She's always willing to pose for me. I love her!

Hopefully, we can go again and the boy will be less crabby. I'm on the lookout for skates that look more like big kid skates!

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