Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bee Sting Update

At Butler's Orchard last week, Marino was stung by a yellow jacket. Not a big deal. It hurt him, but he got over it fairly quickly and within 24 hours, any sign of the sting was gone. Then 6 days later, the site of the sting became swollen and a splotchy red/white color, with a rash creeping up the side of his ear.

Ear 1

Stung ear...7 days later
Did you know bee stings can get infected? I didn't, but I'm not surprised it happened in our case, given Marino's history of eczema and subsequent bacterial infections in his skin. He's on a 10 day course of oral antibiotics and a 7 day course of topical antibiotics. Our pediatrician recommended we use the topical antibiotics at the first sight of an open wound, given his history.

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  1. My girls seem to be prone to baterial skin infections also. We use the pink anti-biotic soap when they have scratches or other places on their skin that last longer than a couple of days and use a prescription antibiotic cream.