Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marino's 4th Birthday Party

After a 6 day delay, we had Marino's rescheduled birthday party later the same week of the storm. We were fortunate that a lot of his friends were still able to attend. As expected, Marino had a great time. He requested this party specifically (at Pump It Up, a bounce house place). We did the "glow party" where they turn down the lights and give the kids glow in the dark necklaces (and a flashing LED wand for the birthday boy). About halfway through the party we ended up asking for the lights back on, since there were some falls in the more complicated bouncy houses).
All the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Mine especially!

Here's some of the kids at the party: Sophia, Ariana, Pacifico, Aiden, Marino, Sydney, Carter and Ike. Aiden is the big brother of Marino's friend from school, Tommy, but the two of them get along famously.
Pacifico in the letter "P"

Marino in his birthday throne, cracking up with his "best friend" Ike
Marino, post-slide

Emilia, Pacifico and their Daddy

Hanging out in his birthday throne with his buddies: Gabrielle and Sydney, Carter and Ike

Claire and a cupcake

Tommy is excited about his eggless cupcake!
Frosting face...he thought this was hilarious!

Eggless cupcakes and toppers

Marino's "girlfriend" Sophia
Our buddy Aaron in action

Quick snuggle with Daddy in between bouncing
Jumping for joy with Gabrielle
Tony and his daddy
My friend Noah was soooo excited about the party. Before we went in the room, he said "Sara? This is going to be so great!"
Our buddy Sydney
Chalkboard mats and chalk were in the favor bags...here's Pacifico putting his to use.
 Marino's long time friend, Delaney, after sliding
  We're so glad so many of our friends could make it, in spite of the short notice. Thanks for bouncing with us!

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