Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Health Stuff

I am sooooo behind on blogging, so I'll be combining some events to try and catch up on everything I want to share.

A couple weeks ago, Marino got his first bad cut. While playing with Daddy, he tripped and hit his face on the side of a wooden stool. Evan called me downstairs and I was shocked to see blood all over Marino and all over he and Evan's shirts. After 15 minutes or so, the cut still opened every time we touched it, so I took him to the ER.

This is us waiting in the ER and hoping Ironman is using his powers to heal Marino's cut...
After waiting three hours, the PA came in and told us since the only "open" area of the cut was in the middle, stitches weren't needed. She said normally they would glue a laceration like his, but it was too close to his eye for that. So, we were told to keep it clean (ha!) and bandaged with antibiotic ointment.

Here's how he looked when we got home.
It ended up bruising a couple days later, but seems to be healing well.

We see a pulminologist quarterly to review Marino's asthma and allergies (as they relate to his breathing). They administer a test to see how well he is breathing and he LOVES this test! He breathes into a tube connected to a computer...the goal is to blow all the leaves off the tree to reveal the monkeys hiding in the branches. He is always so excited to go to this doctor to do this "game."

Who's the genius who thought this up?
We've seen a lot of improvement with his using Nasonex (nasal spray) in addition to his other allergy and asthma meds. The doctor said Marino is probably in the top 10 of his most allergic patients, so keeping the allergies under control is paramount to controlling his asthma. But all in all, he's doing well with our current treatment.

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