Friday, November 9, 2012

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5.  We hadn't discussed the election with Marino, but apparently they discussed the presidential candidates at school. On Wednesday morning, I was looking at and Marino pointed to a picture of Mitt Romney and said "That's Mr. Romeney." I said "Yes, and that's Mr. Obama." Marino informed me "No, that's Barack Obama. He likes to play basketball. He played basketball two times." I had never heard that before, so I had to google it and, sure enough, he does like playing basketball and, in fact, its a good luck tradition for him on election days. How is my 4 year old teaching me things?!!

4. Putting Marino to bed the other night, he said "I'm so cozy in my comfy comfy bed with my beautiful beautiful mommy." My boy really is my #1 fan!

3. When we went bowling on Saturday, Marino had soooo much fun. He did a little dance every time he rolled his ball. When Brian asked him what his favorite part of bowling was, he said "eating."  

2. We let Marino watch Spider-Man the other day. Now he keeps sighing and saying "I wish a spider would bite me and give me muscles."

1. For the past few months, Evan and I have been very worried because Marino has been having trouble learning letters. We started working with him at home and teaching him comprehensively - upper and lower case, letter sounds and letter names. He's finally getting it, thankfully! 

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