Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Snowy Day (We Were Prepared This Time!)

Last time it snowed, we were stuck without snowpants and a sled, but my parents had those things waiting for us when we got to New York for Christmas. So when it snowed (somewhat unexpectedly, the weather was calling for up to 2 inches...we got about 6) on Saturday, we were ready! We bundled Marino up in his gear and pulled him on the sled down to a small hill by our house. He loved the ride...he kept saying "Daddy? GO!!" He also really enjoyed eating the snow...I think it felt good on his teething gums... After our sledding experience, we came inside and had some hot apple cider to warm up:)

The only bad moment was me slipping and falling all the way down the hill on my butt. This would have been fairly hysterical, were it not for the fact that just 10 days prior, I inflammed some muscle between my neck and shoulder and was literally incapacitated and popping Valium for days. Let's just say, the fall didn't help. Luckily, I have a chiropractor appointment first thing Monday morning, so hopefully I can get some relief!

Here's some pictures of the fun.

Video of Marino and Evan sledding down the hill

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