Monday, January 25, 2010

Great Playdate

On Sunday, we had a playdate with some of my favorite people: my Aunt Kerry, cousin Sam, cousin Miranda and her daughter Pacey and our friend Patti and her daughter Madelyn. We had a great time and the babes sure tired each other out! I took lots of cute pictures.

Here's Miranda with Marino and Pacey (this was the end of the day...which explains the sleepiness). Miranda is so amazing with kids and is such a great mom...I'm really proud of her (does it seem weird to be proud of another grown woman? I've got a good 8 years on her). And Marino loves her to death...he thinks she is sooooooooooo funny!

Madelyn and Marino

My beautiful baby boy

It's soooo much easier to get good shots of babies before they become mobile!
Pacey riding the "neigh neigh"

Toddler tackling
Marino had to stop to make a call
Gorgeous Pacey...note the destruction of my living room in the background...bokeh can only blur so much....

These cousins have way too much fun together!

Can't wait to see everyone again next month!

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