Friday, January 22, 2010

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week!

5. Everyone at daycare thinks this is hysterical...the boy eats chicken drumsticks like a big boy...he just picks them up and starts gnawing! He eats down to the bone, too...there is no meat on that sucker when he's done!
4. On Monday, Marino and I went to the playground and brought Max, but we ended up needing to go back to the house to get towels to dry off the slides. We left Max at the house when we went back. After our playtime, Max could hear us laughing as we were walking back to the house and started barking inside the house. Marino heard him barking and he started yelling "Mashis? Mashis, where are you?!!"

3. The boy is developing excellent manners. He says "thank you" and "welcome" (although sometimes confuses when to say these). He also always says "sorry" (prounounced "sowwy") anytime he bumps into anything, including inanimate objects.

2. One of Marino's Christmas presents was a Thomas the Tank Engine train set. It came with a variety of pieces, one of which is a stop sign. We taught him what the sign meant, so now he will pick it up and hold it towards us and say, very seriously "STOP!!" and be very pleased with himself.

1. Marino loves to dance. He'll dance to anything...the ticking of the oven on his play kitchen, the alarms on our cell phones...anything! The adorable thing is that now when he does it he, he yells "DANCING!!"...just in case we were unaware of what he was doing, or something:)

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