Sunday, January 3, 2010

To My Boy at 18 Months Old

Dear Marino,

Today you are one and a half. I remember a year ago thinking "Gosh, Marino will be 18 months at this time next year. I wonder what he will be like?" Whatever good things I imagined you would be, you are all that and 100 times more. You are Mommy's best friend, my heart, my pride and joy, the very best part of every single day. I love you to pieces.

It was just a year ago we gave you your first taste of solid food. Who knew you would have such a sophisticated palate as a toddler? You are willing to eat everything we give you (the only exception to date is black beans). Yesterday at New Year's Dinner with Grammy Deb, you ate beef, potatoes, carrots, chicken, rice, collard greens, applesauce, bread, macaroni and cheese and black eyed peas. It is a marvel you are still such a thin boy! Your very favorite foods right now are applesauce ("appysauce") and clementines (which you call apples). I think you would eat those things 20 times a day if I let you!

You love to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, which you call "sass." In fact, if we ever turn on something else, you hand us the "mote" and say "sass!" You love to kick and throw balls (you are less enthusiastic about catching the ball). You enjoy building with your blocks and you like knocking them down even better. Anytime you hear music, you start to dance. Thankfully, you inherited your rhythm from your dad! If ever I need to make you smile, I can "drive" one of your toy cars over your head; that always cracks you up. You love to make Mommy and Daddy laugh with put them on your head all different ways and then on our heads as well. Your laugh and smile make my heart swell...I wish the whole world knew the joy of having you love them.

In the past few months, people have started saying you look more like me than when you were a baby. I think you have my eyes, complexion and lips and Daddy's nose, ears, face shape and head. You have gorgeous light brown curls, which need to be cut every 2 weeks; they grow so fast! Right now it seems you may have my small stature, but we'll keep our fingers crossed you grow into a big guy like Daddy. You certainly have Daddy's outgoing and friendly love to talk and to be the center of attention.

I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. You've overcome so much and you are such a good boy. I love our quiet time together...snuggling in our glider together, with your head on my chest or when you bring me the Boppy pillow so you can lay down and stroke my hair while you drink your bottle. You are very loving and generous with your kisses and hugs now, especially for Daddy and I, as well as Maxis.

Happy Half Birthday, my Littleness! Can't wait to enjoy this next year with you!

My handsome boy at 18 months

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