Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Last Holiday Hoorah

Sunday was the last of our holiday visits with friends and family. Don't you hate when the holidays are over? It really sucks for me since it also means back to school soon. Hopefully, this will be my last year of school and next January I will not have that to dread (I will dread finding a planning job instead).

Evan's friend Ishmael brought his son AJ over for a while on Sunday. What a good baby! He's always really pleasant and content. He sat with Marino and I and just chatted away I (especially when he saw Max). And how cute is this face?

In the afternoon, Marino and I went to my Aunt Kerry's house to hang with her, my cousin Sam, Miranda and Pacey and our friend Patti and her daughter Madelyn (who's 7 months now!!).

Here's a Pacey close up...are these some blue eyes or what? So pretty!

Pacey kept calling Marino "Mariano"...I told Miranda she is watching too much Dora the Explorer (that's her favorite show). I guess Marino isn't exotic enough for her;)
Marino and Sam
Patti and Madelyn. Doesn't Patti look great? I mean, what mom has hair that looks like this? I always fall asleep with wet hair, so the back on my hair is always wavy and the front is straight!
It was great seeing everyone and enjoying lots of laughs as we always do!

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