Friday, January 15, 2010

5 on Friday

Here are 5 specials reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. I wanted to show you a graphic representation of how the boy loves his clementines. They make him very happy!!

4. We've been putting some extra effort into encouraging Marino to eat with a fork and spoon (as appropriate and until he gets too frustrated...he needs to eat!). He gets sooo happy when Evan and I cheer for him! On Monday night, we all had dinner together and he was clearly done eating but he would take tiny pieces of food on his fork and eat them to get us to cheer for him. His favorite is the Arsenio Hall fist motion with the "whooo whooo whoo. "

3. We've been working on 2 lessons in regards to throwing: 1) we only throw a ball; we don't throw anything else and 2) if you throw a ball to someone, say "catch" so they know its coming. This morning, I was picking Marino's clothes out while he was in his crib. He asked me for a book, and when he was done looking at it, he threw it. Before I had a chance to say anything, he shook his finger and said "No! No throw book, ball, catch." Apparently he is remembering what I've told him (just not doing it)!

2. On Wednesday when we got to daycare, Marino got really excited and started saying "KING! KING!!" and pointing frantically. I looked at what he was pointing at and it was a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His teachers at daycare said he got such a great reaction from showing people "King" that he showed every single person who came in the room during the day. Such a ham!

1. My boy loves hats! Everytime he sees one, his eyes light up. He also tries to make everything into a hat: socks, goldfish crackers, clementines slices, etc. Here are some hat pictures I took over the weekend.

Did I get it on my head?
So, this isn't a good way to get the hat on?
Daddy's hat is easy to get on!

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