Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

"...only when its dark enough, can you see the stars."
that quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has meant so much to me and stuck with me through many a difficult time in my life. I wanted to share it all with you...its so simple yet there is so much meaning behind those words.

Marino carried on his love of all things "King" over the weekend and on Friday was saying "Happyday King" (this is how he says Happy Birthday):)

Evan went to Iowa over the weekend to visit his son, Quintyn, for his birthday (he turned 10). Luckily, my mom and stepfather were nice enough to save, er, help me with Marino over the weekend. He's cutting 2 teeth right now and he hadn't slept well at all the week before (of course he slept through the night and even until 8am when my mom was here!). It was great to see them and Marino had lots of fun.

Visiting with Grandma

Hanging with Grandpa Ray

Since Monday was MLK Day, we had an extra day to play this weekend! On Monday, Marino and I met up with our buddies Megan and Simon at the Playseum, a hybrid Children's Museum/indoor playroom in Bethesda. We had a lot of of the coolest things there is a room with different animals (bunnies, doves, etc) and the staff take the animals out do the kids can pet them and see them up close.

Here's Marino doing some serious reading at the Playseum

Hugging a "beyah"
Marino and Simon

Megan helping Marino slam dunk
This was Marino's favorite part...the ball room. He loved it!!
It was actually nice enough to go outside on Monday (it was in the high 50s and sunny). We went to the playground near our house and had lots of fun...its amazing how much better Marino is at climbing since the last time we were there!

Happy boy!!

And a few more pictures from Monday...Can anyone guess what Marino is saying in this picture? "SASS!!" (of course...)

This is one of his favorite Christmas presents (from Grandma)

Sometimes he pretends to vaccuum with it:)

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