Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marino's 2nd Easter

My first ever post to this blog was on Easter of last year. It's amazing to see how much Marino has changed since then. He was not yet crawling, standing, talking, etc, and hadn't cut his first tooth yet. Look at him now (ok, he still has a freakishly small number of teeth, but everything else has changed drastically).

My mom and stepfather came down on Thursday night so they could watch Marino for us on Friday (daycare was closed but we both had to work). Marino definately bonded a lot with them. When I got home from work, he was calling my mom "Granna" (this adapted from "Manna" which is what he called her last month) and Ray "Grampa." He had a great time hanging out with them, and trying to convince Granna to let him take a bath in the lake:)

Saturday, my mom and stepfather, Aunt Chelle, Evan and I all took Marino to Bunnyland at Butler's Orchard. It's a scaled down version of their fall festival but was a lot of fun. We had beautiful weather (high 70s and sunny). Unfortunately, the boy was cranky. He is cutting a molar on the bottom (it's swollen but hasn't cut through yet) and I think that may be the reason for the crankiness. He was not even amused by the bounce house (although he recognized it as we were driving into the parking lot and said "bouncy house!") and he was too afraid to look at the bunnies because a woman was holding them with her face painted like a bunny, which apparently Marino found terrifying (odd, since he is not afraid of much).

Marino's favorite part of Bunny Land was these big slides that he went down with Daddy. He LOVED them!!

After some sliding, we went to this cute little hay ball pit where Marino was enjoying himself. Evan walked away for a minute and Marino started saying "need Daddy." When Evan came back, he said "More? Slide?"...since Evan brought him down the slides before, I guess he thought he needed Evan to go back down. It was pretty funny (so, of course, we had to oblige).

Wish granted, more slide
Evan's friend Brian said this tunnel is sort of creepy.
They had new chicks there - so adorable!!
And some sleepy sheep. We remarked the sheep looked tired and a toddler next to us looked at us and said "shhhhh" with a finger to his lips:)
Family love
Marino and his Aunt Chelle
Tractor trike...he couldn't reach the peddles, unfortunately.
More sliding
I love this picture of Evan!
One of Marino's current favorite things - BUS!!
Going through the maze with Daddy
Marino and his Granna
Marino with Grampa and Granna
He was so excited to climb up this hill after he saw some big kids do it. Climbing is one of his favorite things!

Daddy and Marino liked this slide the best (it was the fastest one).
Hi, Bunny!
Even the ponies had bunny ears
We were supposed to go to my friend Miriam's birthday party for her son Matthew (Happy 1st Birthday, Matthew!), but the boy was so wound up and cranky after our visit to Bunnyland, he didn't take a nap until 1:45! After he got up, I decided he was too cranky to subject people who don't already know and love him to his madness. We just relaxed the rest of the day, hoping the crankiness would get better (it didn't).

Easter morning, we got up and went to the playground for a little while before the Easter bunny arrived.
I kept thinking something was "off" here; I forgot to button the top bottom of his shirt! Oh, well!

He is in love with his Brobee backpack. He wears it around the house, outside to play, etc.

Later that morning, the Easter bunny arrived. In the boy's Easter basket:

Books on his favorite things:
Gab N Sing Brobee (the Toodee and Brobee I got on Kid's Woot for $10 for both!)
sidewalk chalk
Gerber apple mini-fruits
sifter, shovel, rake and truck for his sandbox
Silly Jumpin Plex (this was a big hit...it only makes noise if you throw it or thump it on the ground...perfect for a toddler, although occassionally he would feel bad and give Plex a hug after throwing him).
wind-up eggs (we told him they were Oskee bugs from YGG)

He thought this sand rake was a brush
I think the apple snacks were his favorite thing in his basket (Max's, too).

He seemed to enjoy his Easter gifts, although after seeing all the Yo Gabba Gabba toys, he asked "Where's Foofa?", Foofa being the only character he doesn't have a toy of yet. I guess I need to get on that!

After lunch and naptime, we painted wooden Easter eggs. I was very nervous about attempting to dye real eggs, considering the severity of Marino's egg allergy, but I still love the tradition of decorating eggs. My buddy Rachel over at Allergen Free Please had posted this great idea for decorating wood eggs. I like the idea of painting a few a year and I decided we would write the year on the bottom. I think it will be fun to pull out the eggs we've painted each year to decorate our Easter baskets.

Evan and I painted the eggs with an acrylic paint base color on Friday night and then we used washable paints to decorate the eggs with Marino. Washable paint serves a purpose, but my best analogy is that it's like painting with nail polish. I think next year Evan and I might paint our eggs with acrylic paint for a better result and let Marino use the washable paints. As you can see, our eggs are not exactly beautiful, but we did them together and I love them!

After painting eggs, we went to Great Seneca Park to their great playground. The boy was still sort of cranky and he was sort of overwhelmed by all the very big kids there (10 and older). He mainly wanted to snuggle with me instead of playing.

Climbing up to the slide with the big kids
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, as well!


  1. That place you went to looks like so much fun. We don't have anything like that around here that I know of. I love Marino's bow tie. So cute! I also love the Yo Gabba Gabba toys. Brandon would love them. I will have to look for some for him.

  2. Thanks, Karen. Toys R Us has a good selection of YGG toys, as does Amazon (although Amazon sometimes jacks up the prices with outside sellers).

  3. Nicholas' current fave things are buses too! He also loves ractors, trucks, and basically anything with wheels.
    The Orchard trip looks like a blast.
    Such a handsome boy, love the bowtie.

  4. That bowtie is ridiculously cute Sara! And of course Marino is too. I hope he’s gotten over his crankiness by now :)

    I'm going to have to show Cassie that photo of Marino and his Brobee backpack!

  5. Ceci - Evan bought a Brobee kite for him this week!