Monday, April 12, 2010

Preemie Playdate and Other Spring Fun

Here's a rare picture of Evan and I together. Aunt Chelle was nice enough to watch the boy for us on Friday so we could go to dinner and celebrate our anniversary. We had a great time!

On Saturday, Evan and the aunts took Marino shopping for a bike helmet so he could go on rides with Daddy. You know how I like to joke the boy has a big head..seriously, folks, the helmet they got him fits snug and it's for ages 3+. He's not even 2. Who knows how he holds that head up with that skinny little body. I swear, when he's tired, his head starts tilting to the side...its a lot of work holding that thing up! They also took him to fly his new Brobee kite, which apparently he loved.
On Sunday, Marino and I went to Clark's Farm and had a great time with our preemie buddies: Katie and Brendan, Megan and Simon, and Laura, Drew, Cameron and Evan. The farm has a petting zoo, as well as The Enchanted Forest, with lots of fun things for kids to play on and explore. They also have pony rides and hay rides. We all really enjoyed ourselves.

Cameron and Evan wearing the shirts we got them for their birthday. It really helps with knowing who is who to have their initials on their shirts!

Brendan, Simon, Marino, Cameron and Evan. That thing in the background was a really cool slide that Marino and I both enjoyed!

Petting the wood neigh.

Simon, looking like he's plotting something. Funny thing about that stamp on his hand...Marino was totally disturbed by the stamp. Like, he cried over it. And then he would see it again later and freak out all over again. I think he thought it was some permanent deformity or something. Simon is unfazed!
They also had this great little section with tons of toys for toddlers.
We attempted to get a picture of all the boys together...Brendan wasn't into it.
Marino loved petting these pygmy goats.
Sweet Brendan
More goat petting
The goat decides to eat Cameron's shorts...very cliche, huh?

Goat snuggles
Simon and Megan
Marino was calling "hee haw" to this donkey
Can you see the discoloration on his neck? His neck is full of little hives:( Evan thinks his neck is getting the allergy worse than his face because the pollen gets rubbed into the skin there by his clothes.
Laughing at the ostrich.
What a face!
Marino's favorite past time...sliding. This slide needed some grease or something, though. I had to push him down it to make him go!
Cameron trying it out

Marino kept saying "neigh, need ride"
Chasing a poor chicken.

Katie helping out a goat with an itch.

We had so much fun visiting with our friends and meeting the animals! After we got back, Evan loaded up Marino's sand box with sand and new toys. Apparently, Marino wasn't so into sitting on the sand, so he played outside of it. I'm guessing/hoping he will get over that, since he LOVED playing in sand last year. Either way, he enjoyed himself. When it warms up a little more, I'll clean up the water table so he can play with that outside, too, and his outdoor rocking horse. Spring is so fun (aside from the pollen)!


  1. Marino is adorable in these photos! Love your post a pictorial. :) It's funny he's not into sand this year. Katie LOVED the swings last year and now she turns white and wants to get off. She's all about the sand now.

  2. Kristine - that's funny, Marino is the same way with swings! Last year he couldn't get enough and now we can't get him on one! He does like to push them (which inevitably leads to a swing in his face when he stops paying attention).

  3. jealous. that looks like so much fun! i can't wait to meet all you guys this fall.

  4. Looks like a great time! I have to get out to one of these cool places you always seem to find.