Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pap and Grammy Barb Visit

My dad and stepmom came to visit us (ok, Marino) this weekend. It was great to see them. After pretending to be shy for a few minutes, Marino remembered he loved them and had a great time. He was very attached to his "Pap" and had lots of fun climbing all over him, handing him an endless supply of books to read him, etc. He even cried at one point because he thought I was going to take him away from his Pap!!

Here's a shot of Pap and Marino reading together. Pap does great voices, and he read many dramatic interpretations of books for me as a child.

Pap, Marino and Grammy Barb (goose in the background is hoping we have a secret stash of bread).

We brought bread to feed the ducks and geese and they practically got in our laps to get the bread. I took this picture pointing down next to my feet...this duck was almost on top of me!
Marino was sad to see them leave today, but we will see them again in June. Thanks for visiting!!

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