Friday, April 9, 2010

5 on Friday

Friends, the boy has not been having the best week ever. He's started breaking out in hives everytime we go outside (pollen counts were super high this week), which he then scratches, so he's covered in little cuts (and all of this is worsening his eczema, of course). I started him on Zyrtec on Wednesday, so hopefully we will see some improvement soon. Then he fell and hurt his knee on Wednesday, which he made a gigantic fuss over in the bath ("OUCH!! KNEE!! NOT!!"...he didn't want me to touch it). Then Thursday he bumped his head at daycare and got a giant cut/bruise/welt on his angel face. Oh, and then he got a bloody nose (allergy related). And he's cutting a molar. And Saturday he's getting a shot. Poor guy.

Oh, and by the way, car washes are not as cool for toddlers as you might think. In fact, they may scream like the world is coming to an end right in front of their eyes, and give you looks like "Mommy, why are you letting this happen to me?!". Just file that away for future reference, mmkay?

Anyway, as always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. On Saturday, Marino asked Aunt Chelle where Rianne was (Aunt RiRi). She told him she was out of town, visiting a friend and he said "That stinks!" I have no idea where he got that from!

4. The boy is now in the habit of saying "bye bye" to everything, including inanimate objects. When we leave the park "bye bye park!" When we leave the house "bye bye home!" When we're in the car and pass another car "bye bye, car!"

3. When we were getting ready to paint eggs on Sunday, Evan and I were debating what Marino should wear to paint. I asked "Do you think we should just have him paint naked?" and Marino said "Naked?! YAY!!!!". And so he was.

2. I think children using their imaginations is just the coolest thing to watch in the world. More and more, Marino has been having his toys do and say things. I love to watch Elmo jumping and walking, or hearing Plex wave and say "Hello, Mommy" to me in the car.

1. Everytime we see a bee outside (or any flying insect that resembles a bee), he says "buzzzzzzzzz"!


  1. Zyrtec has really helped Campbell...before she started it she was sneezing all the time and coughing like she had pneumonia. It's so much better now! Hopefully it will help Marino as much!

  2. Poor Marino! But even when he's sick he's still a spunky monkey!

  3. We are about to start Zyrtec for the boys too. Hope it's the new miracle drug for us all!

  4. First...totally get the car wash. It was a traumatic experience for Robiinson and I felt horrible!

    Second...totally get the allergies. My guy has had a runny nose, itchy watery eyes all week. We've been doing just a little benadryl the past two night when it got worse. I may need to ask about the zyrtec. Do you give the zyrtec at the same time as the singulair or different?

  5. @Jackie - It shouldn't matter if you give the Zyrtec together with the Singulair. We give them pretty much at the same time...Singulair around 6:30pm (at dinner) and Zyrtec around 7:30pm, since the pedi said it will make him tired (and he has been STTN since we started it).

  6. So sorry he's having a tough week! I hope it gets better soon.

    Clare had the same reaction to the carwash as a toddler. I kept her out of them until about last year; now she loves it! She thinks all the blue contraptions look like something out of dr. seuss.