Friday, April 2, 2010

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. This is not entirely endearing, but funny nonetheless. On Saturday in the car, Marino threw his teethifier and hit me in the head with it while I was driving. I know, not cute. He started laughing and I said, Marino, it's not funny. He said "It's funny. Go, go, go Mino!" This boy is just too much.

4. Marino has started saying "see you later" after he says "bye bye." Of course, it sounds like "see ya dadah" but it's very cute.

3. Daycare reported that not only is he taking all his naps on the cot now, when he, inevitably, wakes before all the other kids, he stays on his cot until everyone gets up. I've asked for photographic evidence of this!

2. The boy now sings along with you, the tv, the radio, etc. It's pretty'll listen and think "what in the world is he singing?" and then one or 2 recognizable words will be audible. He usually overdramatizes the singing with a high pitched voice and crazy dancing. It is pure joy to see (and hear).

1. Marino was going through this stage where he was calling every man "a daddy" and every woman (over the age of 10) "a mommy." At first I thought it was very flattering, like when he pointed to a picture of Jessica Alba and said "mommy." Then I figured out everyone was "a mommy" and he was not, in fact, confusing Jessica Alba for his own mommy :( I keep telling him that every man is not a daddy and every woman is not a mommy. Lately, whenever he sees a man, he'll say "Mommy? No Daddy. It's man!"

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