Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cameron & Evan's 2nd Birthday!

Saturday, we went to the 2nd birthday party for our fellow preemie friends, Cameron and Evan.
Our buddies Katie and Brendan were there as well. It had been a while since the last time we saw them, so it was great to visit and see all these healthy, happy toddlers running around. We were so happy to be a part of the twins' special day!

Let me just say that Marino had more fun at this party than I've ever seen him have before. What a blessing it is to see my boy having so much fun that he can't stop smiling or laughing...just running around with a look of sheer joy on his face. His happiness puts joy in my heart. The reason for all this joy..................................a bounce house. Not just any bounce house, but this monstrosity here.
This was the bounce house they had at Rollie Pollies for the birthday party. And the boy was in love. He climbed into the bounce house, up the ladder (about 10 steps) and went down the slide and climbed out all on his own about 50 times! I had no idea he could even do those things! He had no fear, every time he just got more and more excited. I wish I had one of these in our backyard!!
Brendan was having a great time, too!
At the top of the steps, that he climbed on his own.
Does he look happy?
This is before he discovered the bounce house.

One of the birthday boys, Evan.
Ready to go down the slide (that slide was fast and fun for mommies, too).
I asked Brendan to smile and check out this million dollar grin. He's a natural model!
Big trampoline.
Falling into the wall in the bounce house and cracking up.

Marino and Brendan, discussing their love of balls.

Evan being brave on the jungle gym.
The boy is in love.

Cute Elmo cake for the boys!
Cameron and Evan...plates are more interesting than pizza (by the way, does pizza have eggs in it? I couldn't remember, so I avoided it, but Marino was interested in it).
I think Marino had a crush on this little girl.
Laura was so sweet, she made egg-free cupcakes! Marino didn't get past the frosting - he was really into it!
Happy Birthday, Cameron and Evan!!
Katie and Laura got Marino this super cool Brobee backpack! He loves it! The whole way home, he was hugging it and saying "Oh, Brobee. Cute!" and giving Brobee big smacking kisses. This morning he was wearing the backpack while he was playing and periodically hugging himself with Brobee's arms. Thanks for thinking of him, ladies! You're the best!

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