Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Weekend of Spring!

After last weekends' insane amounts of rain (and my scary flooded road experience), I was happy to see lots of sunshine this weekend. We've been heading to the playground every day after we get home from work to get in some playtime before the boy goes to bed (and wear him took him a few days to adjust to daylight savings time). Saturday afternoon, we headed out to North Beach to go to a birthday party for our buddy Nicholas. He turned 2 (but he is the size of a 5 year old!).

Here's the birthday boy Nicholas and his sweet mommy, Jessica.

Marino loved this keyboard. McKinzy is next to him, isn't she precious?

This is Morgan. Such a sweetie and look at that face! Adorable!
The boy (I know he really needs a haircut!)
A boy and his "moose" (still what he calls balloons). The party had a Nemo theme, so he's wearing his Nemo shirt.
He's cracking up at something Morgan's mom said...he thought she was pretty hysterical.
After the party, Marino and I took a trip over to the beach with Morgan and her mommy. It was a gorgeous day, and the kids liked the beach, although Marino had a total tantrum meltdown because I wouldn't let him go in the freezing cold water.
This bunny was in front of one of the beautiful houses on the beach. Marino was in love.

As you can see, they were the exact same size.
He definately enjoyed walking on the beach and checking out the water.
By the way, if you want a whale shirt, it's part of a new line of sea creature shirts my buddy Jill will be selling over at Zingo Tots.
Happy boy with Morgan on the boardwalk. They had lots of races...Marino lost them all!
Pointing out the birdies.
Not only is Morgan photogenic, she actually holds still for pictures. It's great!
How cute are these two?
Checking out the ocean
Morgan giving Marino the side eye.
Oh, that bunny again!
Morgan liked him, too.

Hello, Spring! Nice to see you again!!

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