Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Sneak Peak!

We had beautiful weather this weekend, so we tried to make the most of it. My mom came to visit over the weekend, and we all had a great time. Marino has started calling her "Manna" which we all find adorable, of course!

Evan put together Marino's first tricycle (the kind you can push and steer for them). His feet just barely reach the peddles, but he really enjoyed it. He really likes the little bell that comes with it, too:)

At the lake down the street...what's in there?!
Oh, our duck friends!
There's some geese and gulls, too.
We also stopped by the playground for some quick trips down the slide.

He wanted to walk, run and march, as well as ride his bike. The boy was tired after all that!
Daddy and Marino, checking out the birdies.
Mommy and Marino snuggling
Checking out the geese.

Marino and Manna

Today, my friend Sarah and her daughter Claire came to go for a walk with us. It was great to see them. Sarah and I were remembering taking these two for walks when they were just a few months they're walking around themselves!
I asked Marino to share his Goldfish and he tried to distract us all by being cute and holding Claire's hand.
Can't wait for Spring to arrive!!

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  1. great pics! I love his tricycle and the daddy and son pics :)