Monday, April 13, 2009


Marino's first Easter was wonderful! Grandma and Grandpa Ray came from NY on Thursday to visit and watched him on Good Friday while Evan and I were at work. They went for walks, went on the swings, and Marino scared Grandma with his ninja/daredevil rolling skills.

On Saturday, I took Marino to his 9 month pediatrician appointment. He's now 18 pounds, 8 ounces (17th percentile for actual age) and 26.5 inches long (3rd percentile for actual age). And his head is, well, enormous (89th percentile for actual age). It must be accomodating a very large brain!

We got the ok to start giving him some table food (pureed) and a few snacks. We tried Rice Krispies but those mainly ended up in a pile crushed on the floor for Max. Yogurt Melts were slightly more successful.

On Easter, Marino got his first Easter basket. He was pretty excited about the toys inside, especially the counting/stacking cups I got him. He was actually able to put one inside the other, who knew? Grammy Deb came over and gave him a special blue bunny that sings "Tutti Frutti." He loves this bunny!

We went over to the Richmond's for Easter brunch. The Richmond's are our friends we met in the NICU. Their son, Hayden, had an isolette directly next to Marino's in the NICU and their due dates were only a few days apart. It was great to see them and brunch was great. Always the party animal, Marino has not learned a) how not to dominate a brunch conversation and b) how not to break his host's beautiful glasses (sorry, Audra!).

When we got home, Marino began pseudo-crawling! He gets on his knees and propels himself forward using his toes! Its not a very effective crawl yet, but he definately gets himself where he's trying to go. Evan and I really need to baby proof this weekend!

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  1. Love the Easter pics! He looks so surprised =) We don't have our 9 month appointment until next month, maybe I can try mum mums and yogurt melts too!