Tuesday, April 28, 2009

'Notha Day, 'Notha Milestone

I'm joking being flippant about it, but its amazing how fast Marino is picking up new things this month. This evening, Evan and I were talking while Marino crawled around. The next thing we know, he's sitting up! Yup, the boy can get from belly to sitting now, using a sideways motion (Melody, its an "off" week for us, so I hope you're reading). I can't believe it. Commando crawling, pulling up and belly to sit all since Easter (I picked a good month to start this blog:))!

In other news, our four legged baby is completely OBSESSED with Baby MumMums. He keeps stealing unopened packages from my diaper bag and eating them, wrapper and all. Of course, Marino sharing them with him is not helping this addiction.

Hope to get a video of the fancy sitting soon!

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