Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sneakers, Swimsuits and Breathing Treatments

I got a chance to take some pictures today, so Marino wanted me to share with you some of his cool new things!

First are his new shoes (good for boys learning to crawl and needing traction) that Grandma bought him.

And here he is modeling his new swim trunks. He and I are starting Waterbabies class on Saturday, so he had to try on his trunks to make sure they fit! Here are some cute pictures of Marino, Max (Max pictures are for you, Melody!) and Mama (unflattering pictures of Mama, but all pictures of Mama are unflattering these days).

After all this fun, we let the boy try cheese for the first time. It was a hit!

We've been doing the breathing treatments for 36 hours now, and honestly, it seems like his cough and wheezing are getting worse. Maybe its a "get worse before it gets better" type of thing?

A fellow preemie mom told me that the nebulizer treatments just have to within 6 inches of his face, not necessarily "on" his face. So Evan and I were sort of inventive with them tonight. Marino definately does not want to wear the mask, but he enjoys chewing on it, so its a good distraction.

He also likes chewing on all the parts, and if that gets him to sit still and remain calm, it works for us!

We go back to the doctor tomorrow to check on his airways, so let's hope the doctor hears some improvement!

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