Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sick Day

Today was the first day Marino needed to stay home sick. Considering he was a preemie (read: born without normal antibodies to fight illness), in daycare, and 9.5 months old, its pretty amazing this is his first post-meningitis illness. He's had a lingering runny nose for about 10 days but it recently progressed into a cough and runny nose. Last night he had a low grade fever so I took him to see our (amazing, wonderful) pediatrician, Dr. Rahman. She checked his ears out and, after enduring a lot of screaming, pronounced them pink and swollen with the left looking worse than the right. So, our boy has his first ear infection.

He'll have to take antibiotics for 10 days and then he should be fine. Hopefully he'll get rid of whatever is causing the runny nose at the same time. He is a little fussy, but generally still his happy self.

So, today is our first sick day together. The good thing about sick days with your child, I've learned today, is you get to spend lots of quality time together. You also have time to record videos of their very slow commando crawling.

Since we're working on feeding him regular foods and teaching him how to feed himself, I gave him Baby MumMums for the first time today. Basically they are flavored air (seriously, 4 of these things has 30 calories), aka: rice rusks. But, the boy loved them and ate 2 of them in 5 minutes.

Hopefully tomorrow he will be better (or at least not have a fever) and he can return to daycare, although I won't be disappointed if we have another day home together! I'm sure I'll say this about every age until about 13, but this is my favorite age! He's so much fun and so loving! He'll be so busy playing with something and then he'll stop and give me a hug and a big. drooly, open mouth kiss and go back to playing. I just really enjoy being with him and we had such a nice day today, ear infection and all!

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