Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For those of you who don't know my friend Lauren, here are the top 5 reasons I love her:

5. She got me a patient controlled morphine drip.

4. She's always up for chick flicks and thai food.

3. She kept me company when I lived on every unit in the hospital.

2. She makes me laugh.

1. She helped save my life and Marino's life.

I'll save the whole long story of how we met for a day in the future when I need to cathartically purge myself of the whole painful thing. For now, let's just say the first Lauren heard of me was when a nurse called her and said ::eye roll:: "Lauren, you've got one on the floor here" and I dragged her down the hall to a L&D room where she checked me and said "you're only 1 centimeter, its going to be while" to which I replied "I'm not in %^$#@ labor!!!!!!!!!!!" I mean, isn't that how all true friendships begin? But in all seriousness, Lauren's quick actions (once she figured out I wasn't an overdramatic laboring mom) and good decision making saved us. She's definately one of the few people who have come into my life where I immediately understood why God put them there. She's a great friend!

Here's Lauren and Marino.

And here is vintage Marino and Lauren (he's a month old in this picture).
You know who loves Lauren even more than me? Max! Max is completely obsessed with her, its sort of ridiculous.

In other news, while Marino is doing much much better with his breathing, etc, Mama is now sick. I think it started off as just allergies but progressed to either a sinus infection or some sort of blockage in my sinuses. I haven't been able to smell or taste since Saturday (good for weight loss, but it makes eating pretty unfulfilling) and I have pain in my face, ears and teeth. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow but hoping I don't need antibiotics (my goal is to avoid antibiotics for a year from when I last took them - December - to hopefully avoid a reoccurence of c.diff).

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