Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visiting with Old Friends

After Marino's birthday party(ies), we got a chance to visit with some of our favorite people. My best friend, Sonia, and her family spent the night with us, which was wonderful for us and the kids. And Sabrina, my other BFF's 15 year old daughter stayed with us for a few days.

Evan came up with the idea to build a fire to keep bugs away at night and roast s'mores. The only probably it was like 90 degrees, so the fire made it pretty unbearable (in my opinion, Evan likes the heat). Here's Wil, Evan and Sabrina sweating...

How gorgeous is Sabrina?!

Are these 3 adorable or what? They love each other and it melts my heart. This one below with the BIG HUG is my favorite!
A third sister is on the way in December!
Sunday night, my mom took us out to dinner to celebrate Marino's birthday. We went to my favorite restaurant, Taste of Saigon. Marino LOVES pho and was happy to have "spaghetti soup" for dinner. This was Sabrina's first time eating Vietnamese and she loved it, too.

Smiling with Gramma.

Monday was the 4th of July and we were all pretty lazy (especially Marino and I, who took a 3 hour nap). We went to watch fireworks in the evening but ended up having to watch them from a nearby field. Marino still talks about them...they definitely made an impression. Sabrina was Marino's stylist while she was here...she picked out lots of cute outfits for him!

These two drove each other nuts, but they love each other!

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