Friday, July 29, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. We went to the beach over the weekend (pictures to come). Marino usually clings to our necks in the water, but he was very brave this day. He was "swimming" around by himself and even dunking his head in the water. We had to spend some time teaching him how to say "dive" because he kept telling us "I'm going to die in the water".

4. Story from ShiShi (daycare director):

We were finally able to get back outdoors!!!! Marino wanted to go to the top part of the playground and asked me if I wanted to go see “Cars” with him. He took me to the piece of equipment that is at the top far corner of the playground. It has places to sit. I naturally thought he was taking me to the theatre. BUT he was doing something to get the movie started (I later figured that he putting in the DVD) because he then picked up a rectangular wood chip and pushed on it and proceeded to state that the movie was on. He was using the wood chip as the remote. He also brought me some ice cream. Great date! We obviously did not stay for the entire movie because we went away and came back a little while later and he stated that the movie was still on.

3. The other day I had a major migraine after our trip to North Beach (way too much sun for me). I laid in bed the rest of the day. I told Marino I wasn't feeling well and he said "I need to get your keys. I need to go in the car and get you some medicine so you feel better, Mommy."

2. Marino is turning into quite the backseat driver. The other day we were waiting to turn left at a light. Marino said "There's a green light." "Yeah it is", I said. " Well...maybe we can go?" he replied.

1. Marino's 11 year old brother Quintyn (my stepson) is visiting for the first time since Marino was born (he lives in Iowa). The connection between them was immediate - especially amazing since Marino tends to take a while to warm up to people. He told me that night "I love my brother. He's so wonderful and he's so pretty." Every morning he wakes up and says "We gotta go wake up Quintyn so I can see him." He doesn't have any jealousy towards him. Pretty beautiful stuff.

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