Friday, July 22, 2011

6 on Friday (Bonus this week!)

As always, here are 6 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

6. My dad mailed Marino a dragon to go with his Melissa and Doug castle. When Marino opened it, he announced, "Oh, it's a dragon! This is so wonderful!"

5. The other morning, Marino said "Come here, Mommy. I need to tell you something." When I sat next to him, he said "I need to tell you to lay down and snuggle with me."

4. At Pacey's birthday party on Saturday, Marino and Pacey were having a great time together. At one point Marino asked her "Pacey, will you be my best friend?"

3. One of the toys that lives in my car is Buddy the T.Rex from Dinosaur Train. Buddy is interactive but he ends up talking pretty much every time we go over a bump. The other day he started chattering after a bump and Marino said "Oh Buddy, just be quiet"

2. Its about a billion degrees here right now so last night we met up with Sarah and Claire at McDonald's so the kids could play in the PlayPlace. You would have thought we were at Disney World all the fun they were having. At one point, 2 older kids (11ish and 9ish) were standing in front of the entrance to the tree house. Marino took one look at them and announced "I mad at those peoples!", crossed his arms and stomped off. The kids (and I) thought this was hilarious and tried to convince him to come back.

1. Marino has been doing awesome with his potty training. He pees in the potty several times a day, even waking up to go and holding it for 10 minutes yesterday in traffic until we made it to school. It's still a work in progress but I'm really proud of how well he is doing!

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