Friday, July 1, 2011

Daycare Picnic

Last Friday, Marino's daycare had their annual family picnic. The daycare is moving ::sob:: and this is the last picnic that will be held in this location. They went all out this year, with a dinosaur shaped bounce house, a snow cone machine, a clown and a balloon artist. The "balloon man", as Marino called him, is actually Jake the Magician and if I was planning Marino's birthday party now, I would have done something where I could hire him. Marino is terrified of clowns, but loved a regular guy acting like a clown! I've never seen him laugh so hard...he was laughing so much he was crying! It was so fun to see!

Marino, "Shi Shi" and Ariana in the bounce house
Marino and one of his BFFs - Cameron
Marino and his buddy Jake the Magician
Yummy snow cone...hence why Marino is wearing 2 different shirts and no shirt in various pictures...the snow cones were a bit messy!
Marino, Shi Shi and snow cones! What's better?

You see how he loved Jake the Magician?!
Marino and his girlfriend, Delaney
Such a fun day!!

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