Friday, February 26, 2010

5 on Friday

As always (except last week when I was too tired to think), here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Wednesday morning, Max came in Marino's room with me in the morning when it was time to wake him up. Max sneezed and Marino said "Bless you, Maxis." So sweet! I'd never heard him say it before. By the way, I sneezed later and didn't get a "bless you" :(

4. The week before last, Marino and I had to go to the allergist to (finally) get him the H1N1 vaccine. He wanted to play with my phone and when I gave it to him, he held it to his ear and said "Hello? What Mommy say?"

3. The other day we were leaving daycare and a flock of birds flew by. Marino said "I see birdies" clear as day. It's so fun to have him just bust out with coherent sentences! I can't even imagine how it will be talking to him in 6 months! His language has developed so much just in the past couple of months.

2. When he is tired and silly and falling asleep on my lap at night, his new way to make me laugh is to take the front strands of my hair in each hand and criss cross it over my face over and over. It makes us both crack up. It's so adorable when toddlers actually try to make you laugh.

1. His teacher at daycare said that she sneezed the other day and he said "bless you, Annie" (his new favorite phrase). She said "thank you" but apparently Marino didn't hear her, because he very firmly said "ANNIE?! I SAID BLESS YOU!!!!" She said it was all she could do to wait until he looked away before she started cracking up! She said the rest of the day the other teachers were fake sneezing to get the same reaction, but Marino didn't fall for it:)


  1. That's so funny Sara! I sneezed today and Taylor said "Esss you, Mama" out of the blue, I had never heard her say it! Aren't they so sweet? :)

  2. awww what a cutie. I had HELLP too.