Friday, February 12, 2010

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Marino loves being in small spaces. Interestingly, I was the same way as a child. I slept in my closet for a few months and under my bunk beds (as in, under the bottom bunk) for over a year. Here he is in his new favorite spot, a 16 quart storage container that is supposed to hold his play food. Instead, he dumps all the food on the floor and sits in there with his toys and books. 4. Marino loves feeding Max treats. Max is super gentle when taking the treats and Marino squeals with happiness when he feeds Max. Very cute! 3. I made chicken in the crockpot on Monday. I made drumsticks, since the boy loves to gnaw on his chicken legs! Well, the crockpot made the drumsticks so moist, the meat was falling off the bone and Marino was trying to put the meat back on the bone! He loves to eat it off the bone!

2. I talk a lot about Marino's expressive language, but his receptive language skills are also excellent! I really feel like he understands the vast majority of what I tell him (even when he pretends not to, like "stop standing on the couch" or "please don't throw your half eaten clementine slice at Mommy"). Anyway, in our vast time at home while snowed in this week, we've read about, oh, 35 books a day. Out of sheer boredom, I started asking him to show me things in his books that I've never given him a name for before (disclaimer: since Marino is in daycare, I really have no clue how many times he may or may not have been give the names for things before...he often busts out with things I've never told him, like recognizing MLK). I asked him things like "where's the lighthouse?" "where's the cement mixer?" Would you believe he pointed to everything I asked him about? I'm not sure if he was just choosing the things he didn't already know names for, but even so, I was pretty impressed (what else is new?).

1. You know your child has spent too much time in hospitals and doctor's offices when...
he takes his father's iPod ear buds and holds them to his chest like monitors:( !
However, I thought it was rather smart of him to think of that.

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  1. Jacob does the same thing with his bins! It must be because they are the perfect size length-wise for their little legs! I love that Marino tries to put the chicken back on the bone. That is a riot!