Friday, February 5, 2010

5 on Friday

Here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week!

5. The boy started saying some new big words this week: penguin and squirrel. I could decifer what he was saying. I found it pretty impressive...those are tough ones! He's also using lots of 2 and 3 word sentences now. Some are gramatically correct (like "go home" and "kick the ball") and others...not so much ("where go Mashis?"). Regardless, its amazing to watch his language develop every day.

4. Today, Evan was giving him kisses good bye, and he said "Daddy? More" and did the sign for more. Evan was enamored, of course!

3. Cute or sad? He knows all the characters on Yo Gabba Gabba by name and shouts them out whenever they come on screen. He REALLY loves Yo Gabba Gabba...YGG = the new duck in Marino world. (For those of you who were wondering, Brobee is his favorite)

2. Whenever Marino sees a picture of a flower in a book, he "smells" the flower. Poor guy probably has a very warped idea of what flowers smell like!

1. On Saturday, Marino pointed out the window and said "snow" which was a surprise in and of itself, since he hadn't seen it in a long time! We've been working on colors with him, but its been slow going (generally, if we ask him what color something is, the answer is always "red.") I asked him "what color is the snow?" and he said "white"!!! Evan and I were shocked and, as usual, proclaimed him a genius:) There will be lots more snow for us to discuss this weekend!


  1. Marino is a rockstar!! Seriously, can he conference call Robinson and let him know the secret to talking??! ;-)

    Way to go Genius Marino!!!

  2. Jackie - I think it's hereditary...his dad is very talkative...I always say pretty soon I'm just going to have to ship them downstairs to talk each other's ears off so I can get some quiet! I'm sure Robinson will be jabbering your ear off soon, too!

  3. Awesome! Way to go Marino! Squirrel is a tough one!

    Number 2 and number 1 made me smile because it sounds exactly like Jacob right now. We are working on the color thing too and everything is blue or "pearl" is how he pronounces purple.

    He also smells the flower in his book and goes "Mmmmmmmmm". They are growing up so fast aren't they? I can't believe our tiny preemies are TWO year olds this year!!