Monday, February 22, 2010

Tired Mama and Playdate Pics

Friends, my current schedule is kicking my butt. This is the first semester since Marino was born that I needed to be on campus 2 nights a week. Campus is about 20 miles from home, but the translates into an additional hour + commute on those days, each way. Last week was particularly bad, since traffic is still impacted by the 40 inches of melting snow we have here. It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive 20 miles home from class on Tuesday. Not to mention that having c.diff and sitting in traffic is not a great combination. I know, I'm totally whining. But I'm tired and there are many weeks left in the semester!

Marino is definately entering the "terrible twos." He is challenging us and seeing what he can get away with. A response of "no" from us generally leads to him throwing himself on the floor and whining (luckily these tantrums are very quick). Occassionally, he also hits us or pulls my hair. He often kicks me too. And sometimes bites me (or his crib). He had 3 teeth cut through (teeth 7-9, he has a lot to go), so that may be part of the issue (one is his first molar). He has also been particularly clumsy lately (lots of falling and bruises), and I'm not sure what to attribute that to. In a nutshell, things have been challenging all around. He definately still has lots of sweet moments, too, of course.

We had another playdate with Patti and Madelyn, my Aunt Kerry, and my cousin Miranda and Pacey yesterday. Madelyn is crawling! And Pacey can count to 12! Like count actual objects (not just recite the number is order). It's so fun to watch everyone change month to month.

Here's Marino giving Madelyn a hug (unprovoked, I might add...apparently his monster toddler behavior does not extend to babies).

A three-way baby hug!

Marino and Pacey decided they were very interested in Madelyn's toys.
Madelyn...she's getting so big!
Playing peek-a-boo...Madelyn trying to figure out what in the world Pacey and Marino are doing.
Watching "sass" of course!

Best cousins: Marino and Pacey
Doing the "itsy bitsy spider"

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