Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catalina is 2!

Last Saturday, we were supposed to go to New Jersey to celebrate Catalina's 2nd birthday. Then the snow storm of the century happened, so we didn't get a chance to go until this weekend. It was a rough trip for me, since belly is still not back to normal, but we had such a great time there! Catalina and Marino play so well together - I love it!

Here I am with some of my favorite girls: Sabrina, Sonia and Bernadette

Catalina and her ice cream cake.

She even blew out her candles this year! Last year she wasn't that into her cake...it's so amazing how much these babes change in one year! Siena and Catalina. Cat was showing me her eye and Siena's eye.
She loves her sister (Siena loves her, too)
Catalina and Marino had a great time with these balloons! Marino has taken to calling a balloon "moose." Not just this balloon, either. We saw balloons yesterday and he also said "moose." He also calls spiders a "moose." I wish I knew what goes on in his head!
Isn't she gorgeous? She looks just like her mom.
Marino is always sort of confused when we call Cat "cat," since she is not the kind of cat we see in his books (which he calls a "meow" or "kitty"). Catalina has this ride-on cat that I got her last year for her birthday, and we told Marino to "ride the cat." He gave us this weird look and started to get on another ride-on toy behind Catalina...apparently he thought we meant ride Catalina! Poor guy...it's confusing when different things have the same name!
Sharing goldfish and bunnies
Doesn't he look really grown up here? Maybe it's the shirt.

She was reading this book...apparently it was fascinating!
I love this picture!
Marino giving Beana a kiss!
I love this picture, too. She looks so thoughtful and beautiful, reading her birthday card.
She loves her some Elmo!
Wil and Siena, Sabrina and Evan (being silly)

Siena smiling!
Auntie Bern and Siena.
The birthday girl!

Before we left, Cat and Marino put on their jammies and had a jammie jam. Here they are dancing with Elmo.
Sonia taught Marino the "night night game" where you pretend to go night night. This is a fairy accurate representation of how he sleeps...stuffed animal under him, butt in the air.

Cat's got the iPod to play the beats for dancing
It was great seeing everyone. I REALLY wish we lived closer and could see each other all the time. I can't wait until Siena can join in all the fun, too!


  1. awwww fun pics!! I love Siena and Catalina's names :)

  2. Soooo cute! All of these pictures are amazing! Hope you feel better soon!